Application Development

Integrity Application Development develops applications for small and mid sized business and industry. Whether you need algorithms, excel templates, smart phone apps, computer software, cloud based software, databae development or consultation we can assist you with a solution. Almost any job that uses a computer can be improved and the cost greatly reduced by programming a custom application for that purpose. Many of our applications have an internet or cloud based component. We have experience in obscuring and encrypting software code to prevent reverse engineering.


Management Software

Modern programming is now proven in assisting business management. We can provide software to help business, industry and government reduce cost, problems and provide enhanced management information.

Construction Software

We can assist the construction industry in developing software methods that reduce a GREAT DEAL of time and expense. The competive construction industry is just now starting to learn the benefits that software can provide. Programming can easily reduce costs allowing project bidders to win more project awards.

Web Applications

Modern web applications of today often have a programmed or database component. Programming and modern scripting can enhance the functionallity and security of your website. Websites can become a tool that accomplishes a task for your business. This may well be one of the most profitable tools that you control.

Custom Programming

We supply code and programming for large and small requirements. We provide coding in VBA for Microsoft applications like Excel and Access. Coding can be provided SQL database development. Modern programming platforms are easier to work with than older methods and a great deal can be accomplished.

Emergency Management

We are one of North America's leading developers of emergency management software including evacuation management and rapid communication applicationss. We have developed plume dispersion prediction modelling software and methods. More can be done.

E Learning

We have a passion for developing E learning software and have many years of experience in developing upgradable software for education. We have seen the results that computer delivered learning offers and believe that this effective tool is a necessary component in education of the future.

Database Development

We specialize in database developmnet. Databases are the heart of many programs and applications. Databases can be on line, cloud located or part of the compiled program.

Excel and Access

We provide SQL and VBA development which is useful in Microsfoft applications such as Excel and Access and Word. This likely the lowest cost app.

Software Security

We can provide licensing methods for your software to prevent unauthorized useage and piracy. You need to protect your investment.

Encryptions and Obscuration

To enhance licensing we can provide encryption and obscuration of code so that even if the software is reversed engineered, the code contolling the operation of the software will not be available.

Application Sourcing

Before you spend money to have new custom software created, we can assist your business in searching the world to find existing software that perhaps meets your needs.

Software Management

We can provide extended management and testing of your software and monitor the software to learn if updates need to be created.